Gush is a new platform for brave beauties with adenomyosis, endometriosis, &/or heavy periods to find resources, information, and community in order to empower their journey to wellness and to manage debilitating symptoms better so they can get their life back.

Sara Lopez started Gush one day when she wished she brought a box of super plus tampons to work, wished there was someone she could talk to about her gushing heavy period, and wished she could go home and take a nap.


Kate Lopez and Laura McKnight


Ilanit Hércules
Maria Yaeger
Laura McNight
Aubree Deimler
Vashti Kanahele
Susan Tessman
Dr. Victoria Mondloch
Christine Garvin
Lacey Broussard
Rachel Garnham
Ashley Looft
Lara Thieme
Krystle (shehaswhatofficial)
Amy Jo Goddard
Sara Lopez
Alice Williams

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