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Get relief naturally from your worst adenomyosis, endo, or heavy period symptoms

Confused about what steps to take for symptom relief?

Worried about making it through the workday, in pain and exhausted?

Frustrated because of limited choices offered for adenomyosis, endo, or heavy periods?

Have you felt like doctor’s have not truly listened to you?

The average doctor’s visit is 11 minutes long in the U.S., and this is only enough time for a doctor to give us either the pill or IUD for our condition.

We are brave beauties with adenomyosis, endometriosis, and heavy periods who are ready to be heard, seen, and understood.

Hi brave beauties, I’m Sara Lopez, and I am SO glad you are here! I get that it can be overwhelming looking for information on adenomyosis, endo, and heavy periods and I am here to make it easier for you.

To share a bit about my story, I have adenomyosis and used to pass out from pelvic pain and heavy bleeding. People used to ask me if I was pregnant because my belly was so bloated. After going on and off the pill for years, I decided to try a holistic approach. Now my cramps are mild and I only have mild bloating for two days a month.

I believe our intuition is stronger than our fear.

Are you interested in working together?

Sara Lopez is dedicated to helping others through their fertility journey. Sara created a thorough health plan for me based on my unique PCOS symptoms. Her drive to share her knowledge has inspired me to take ownership of my body and has given me the confidence to question what doctors have been telling me for years. I am grateful to Sara for supporting me as I take steps towards eliminating synthetic hormones from my body and move forward with treating my PCOS in a more holistic way.

Shelby Glass

Who I Work With:


I work with warriors, not victims who are intelligent brave beauties. Often they have tried everything and nothing works. If you are 100% open to incorporating a holistic approach and ready to invest in next leveling your health you are a good fit for working with me.

If you have never tried a natural or holistic approach to health, I will refer you to another practitioner first before working with me. Through our work, you will step more fully into your intuition and love your body more so you can keep changing the world for the better

You are a good fit for working with me if you:

  • Are thinking about stopping the pill
  • Want to get their IUD taken out
  • Would like to take less painkillers
  • Have anxiety about heavy periods
  • Have either had a hysterectomy or are looking to avoid a hysterectomy
  • Have adenomyosis, endometriosis, or think they may have these conditions
  • Have anemia or low iron/ferritin



Do you believe it’s possible for your body to heal?

My daughter has been struggling with adjusting to her new and changing body as a woman. Her menstruation hasn’t been regular and at times, very heavy. This was becoming stressful and frustrating for both of us. I won’t lie I was a bit nervous as to how the conversation would go between them since teenagers are so fickle with personal matters. Sara has a calm and kind personality. She absolutely connected with my daughter. She is relatable and actually has many personal women’s troubles to add to the conversation. She gave us great advice moving forward not only to help with menstruation issues but general health and taking care of one’s self as a woman with hormones. She gave us dietary suggestions, ways to help relax, and the realization and validation that being female isn’t easy and we have to be kind to ourselves and she is here to listen and help along the way.

Maggie Hazzard

My Qualifications

  • Hormone Specialist Certification with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition
  • One year apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim and other women’s health experts in New York City
  • Masters in Education from U. Mass. Boston

What to Expect:

I will ALWAYS listen fully to you and cheer you on. I trust you know the answers, and I am there as a guide as you uncover all of them. One hour sessions are about every two weeks by phone or Skype if you live outside of the U.S


Here’s what Hana from Holland said about working with me:

Thank you so very much Sara!  You made not only my day, but my whole month.  Now I have a hope that if natural treatment doesn’t work for my adenomyoma, I still have this option.  (She’s talking about non invasive surgery for adenomyosis that her surgeon didn’t tell her about).

I got another email from her two months later, “I just got it checked, my adenomyoma is shrinking!

“I consulted with Sara about my migraines and to get advice about the hormonal creams I take. She had a wealth of information that I found very helpful. When I followed her recommendations I found I had 8-10 less migraines per month.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel healthier.”

Martha Chubb

“Here’s what Lisa from Vermont said about working with me:

“Sara made me feel uniquely seen and heard throughout our coaching sessions. She met my body where it was during a time of great transition. Her knowledge, calmness, and compassion empowered me to look at my endometriosis, adenomyosis, and fibroids through a new and necessary lens.”


What the Consultations Look Like:


All recommendations are results-driven and based on clinical research. Every call begins with giving yourself credit and celebrating all the things that you have done since we last spoke. It could be as simple as getting through a tough day. This practice motivates and inspires you to fight to get to that place where you affirm that your health is your number one priority.

Each call ends with getting clear on next steps to create the stepping stones that will get you closer to your goal. I offer email support in between consultations. You are not alone! Let me carry what you are carrying with you.

First Consult: Get to the root cause of your adenomyosis, endometriosis, or heavy periods based on your health history. Get clear on hormone testing, and how to balance your unique hormones.

Second Consult: We will co create a personalized plan for holistic pelvic pain relief. The plan will include self care techniques that will:

  • Reduce pelvic inflammation and scar tissue
  • Increase pelvic circulation

Third Consult: Individualized action steps to naturally lighten heavy periods and raise iron levels (if needed). Explore self care modalities to:

  • Reduce the reactivity of the adenomyosis (displaced endometrial lining) or endometriosis
  • Tone the uterus
  • Get clear on how to raise hemoglobin and ferritin levels quickly and safely, alongside a medical professional

Fourth Consult: Gut and belly bloating repair. Our immune system and feel good hormones are based in our gut, so giving our gut some love influences how we feel emotionally.

Fifth Consult: Energy and adrenal reset. Ever feel so tired during the day and then can’t sleep at night? Top secrets to restore sleep and nourish your adrenal system.

Here’s what Caroline Sheftel from Vermont said about working with me:

“Sara integrates intuition, healthcare research, and meditation techniques to provide a holistic response.  She related to me on a personal level, facilitating healing and growth in a safe and supportive way.  The work helped me get clear on what to eat for my body and how to heal my adrenals and thyroid naturally. Thank you Sara!”

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