Are you looking for natural period pain relief without painkillers?

When I was a teenager my mom did not know that my terrible cramps were a problem, even though she was a nurse! Medical professionals do not always treat period pain seriously. It is NOT okay that we are told bad period pain is normal. It is not normal and we do have options besides going on the pill or getting an IUD.

Nina Boyce

Nina Boyce is a certified holistic health coach and hormone expert based in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. After years of struggling with chronic anxiety and hormone imbalance, she turned towards an all natural lifestyle to heal her body. Her coaching programs focus on total hormone wellness- mind, body, and soul. She is the host of the Healing Hormones podcast, where she interviews leading women in the world of menstrual health.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Simple steps to balance hormones naturally and beat period pain
  • Best hormone and health tests 101
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed with your health
  • How to have an easier transition coming off the pill, IUD, or other synthetic hormones
Do you feel overwhelmed by intense period or pelvic pain? Watch this to get relief naturally!

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