Dr. Sinervo is a humble adenomyosis and endometriosis surgeon with a heart of gold. He really cares. When I attended the Endometriois Summit in New Jersey this winter, the woman sitting next to me leaned over and said, “My two daughters got their periods at age 9. They were in horrible pain daily. Something was wrong and doctors couldn’t help them. When I found the Center for Endometriosis and Dr. Sinervo, my prayers were answered. He told me my girls have endo and may have adenomyosis. With just one endo excision surgery, my girls got their lives back. They were able to do sports and dance again. I love that man.”

In this exceptional conversation with Dr. Sinervo, he gives adenomyosis patients hope and explains:

  • What adenomyosis is in detail
  • When uterine sparing surgery for adenomyomas is used
  • His insight into adenomyosis meds such as Orillisa and Lupron
  • IUD success in adenomyosis patients
  • Diet recommendations for adenomyosis and endometriosis
Dr. Ken Sinervo from the Center for Endometriosis shares his adenomyosis expertise.

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