Period tracking Apps are everywhere these days and for good reason. They are a great way to not only track your periods and fertility but also symtpoms, and lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, self-care, medication, and even your sex life.

Tracking helps you become more in touch with the rhythm of your body and what it’s telling you each month. I’ve tried a lot of period tracking apps over the last 10 years and actually have four of them on my phone right now. Yep, I’m probably in the right field, huh. I love all the data it gives me, and knowledge is power, right?

There are a ton of cycle tracking apps out there today and it can be a little daunting to decide which one is the best choice for you. So, today I’ll be breaking a few of the top ones down by how user-friendly they are, practical features, extra’s I like, and cost. While you will still have to try them out for yourself, I’ll be reviewing Clue, Kindara, Period Tracker Deluxe, Daysy, and MyFlo.

The Apps

1. Clue: It’s the number one period tracking app on iTunes. I’ve been using Clue for a couple of years now. It gets smarter the more you use it due to the algorithm that learns from the data you input. You can track moods, exercise, cervical fluid, period length & heaviness, weight, if you had a big night out, and even BMs, along with other lifestyle activities. The updated version allows for tracking basal body temperature, for more accurate ovulation and fertility predictions. The update also allows you to log birth control for pregnancy planning. The interface is sleek, straightforward and easy to use. If you input your data regularly, Clue provides a lot of great data on your menstrual cycle and personalize health information. Cost: free and available on iOS.

2. Kindara: The interface on Kindara is super clean, no-frills, and easy to use. Its’ a great fertility monitor and I love that I can keep journal notes, along with all the other data that’s collected. Kindara has an accompanying thermometer called Wink, a Bluetooth fertility thermometer that syncs with your app. I haven’t personally used the Kindara thermometer, but you can purchase it within the app for $129. App cost: Free and available on iOS.

3. Period Tracker Deluxe: This was one of the original period apps and I used it for years prior to wanting to get pregnant to track my periods and then to track my fertility for my pregnancies. I love how super cute and girlie the app is. This is one app I continue to use alone with Clue. I like that it has the settings for trying to conceive and pregnancy that can be turned off or on depending on your situation. There are a bunch of different skins you can use, that makes it a fun choice for teens. Period Tracker Pro is easy to use and averages the length of your last three cycles to predict your next cycle which is a great feature while giving a comprehensive overview of past cycles. Cost: free + $9.99 for Deluxe version. Available on iOS & Android

4. Daysy Fertility Monitor and App: Daysy is a fertility monitor that tells you whether you are fertile or not by red or green lights on the monitor, and calculates your fertility with a 99.4% accuracy. According to their website: “Daysy is a medical device and lifestyle fertility tracker. Daysy allows every woman who wants a health-conscious lifestyle to monitor her individual monthly cycle and determine her fertile and infertile days in natural harmony with her body.

I wish Daysy had been around when I was having babies, it’s such a great tool for women. Cost: The new Daysy 2.0 costs $330

5. FloTracker: Flow Tracker is based on functional medicine which I love, love, love. It helps you plan your life around what your hormones are doing during the four phases of your menstrual cycle, so you can plan for feeling the best in each phase. FloTracker also lets you send emails to your partner so they can better understand the different phases of your cycle while giving nutritional advice for supporting your body. Cost: $1.99 + in-app upgrades


Hormone Horoscope: Not a period or fertility tracker, but one of my favorite apps. It’s a fun app that’s a horoscope based solely on your hormones. Every morning after I track my BBT, I like to read my hormone horoscope. If I forget and later on during the day, I’m like why do I feel like this, I pop over and read my horoscope. Super fun and generally spot on! Cost: $1.99

Whatever app you use, commit to using it daily. Tracking your cycle is a great tool that arms you with incredibly valuable information about your menstrual cycles, your hormones, and your body’s health each month. By collecting the data and listening to your body, you are empowering yourself to take charge of your menstrual cycle and that’s pretty amazing.

About the Author

Vashti Kanahele, MS, CHHS

Hormone + Functional Nutrition Coach
Environmental Toxins Educator
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